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Isu Taeko

Art director, Graphic designer

Isu Taeko is an art director working widely across advertising, cover design, branding, web design, and spatial design. Jointly with HAUS, she is responsible for the art direction for Civic Creative Base Tokyo’s logo and visual identity. In 2008, she founded NNNNY, a design team comprising illustrators, designers, programmers, and editors. Isu has planned and opened the pop-up shops Physical Tempo and POV Store at locations all over Japan. She has created ads for the likes of RBMA Tokyo, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Parco, and Lumine. Her accolades include the Tokyo TDC RBG Prize for her art direction for Kuchiroro’s CD and a GOOD DESIGN AWARD for THEATRE for ALL (2021), an accessibility-focused online theater project.Last Updated: 2023.04