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Inami Masahiko

Special Advisor to the President for The University of Tokyo, Deputy Director / Professor for Advanced Science and TechnologyCity

Dr. Masahiko Inami took up his current position as professor at the University of Tokyo after working at the University of Electro-Communications and Keio University. His interests include “JIZAI body editing technology,” the Augmented Human, and entertainment engineering. He has received several awards, including TIME Magazine’s “Coolest Invention of the Year” award and the Young Scientist Award from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT). He is also the co-representative of the Superhuman Sports Society, a director of the Information Processing Society of Japan, a director of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan, and a member of the Science Council of Japan. His latest book is called Theory of JIZAI Body (NTS Inc).Last Updated: 2023.08