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Furukawa Taku

animation artist, illustrator, children’s book author

Inspired by his admiration for Tezuka Osamu, Furukawa Taku began drawing manga during high school. He worked for Television Corporation of Japan (today EIKEN) while still at college and did early work on the television anime Tetsujin 28. After graduating, he joined Kuri Experimental Animation Studio in 1964, where he helped produce animations for the likes of Wada Makoto and Yokoo Tadanori. Furukawa’s 1969 animated short Oxed-Man was shown at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. In 1975, his animated short Phenakistoscope won the Special Jury Award at Annecy. His minimalistic style and lighthearted worldview have won international acclaim. His prolific output encompasses animation, illustration, manga, and picture books. Furukawa’s awards include the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2004 and the Order of the Rising Sun (Gold Rays with Rosette) in 2012. He serves as honorary chair of the Japan Animation Association and is a member of the Japan Cartoonists Association.Last Updated: 2023.06