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Fukuhara Shinji

TV director, producer / Senior Lead, NHK Media StrategyCity

Fukuhara Shinji joined Fuji TV in 1986, where he went on to produce many avant-garde and edgy shows. His innovative ideas fusing technology and TV shows inspired a strong following. Major early productions include Ugo Ugo Ruga and a show about Albert Einstein. He made a wide range of contributions to the integration of TV and online media, and was heavily involved in streaming special news shows on the Great East Japan Earthquake. He also contributed to the launch of a twenty-four-hour live weather news show and video content on the online media platform NewsPicks. Fukuhara joined BuzzFeed Japan in 2018 and then NHK in 2021, where he now works for the digital strategy team in the broadcaster’s media strategy headquarters. He also lectures on media theory at universities in Japan, including Kyoto University.Last Updated: 2023.08