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Fujimoto Minoru

researcher, artist / CEO, MPLUSPLUSCity

Born in 1983, Fujimoto Minoru performed as a dancer while undertaking PhD research into wearable computing at Kobe University. After a stint teaching at Tokyo University of Technology, he founded MPLUSPLUS in 2013. Harnessing his own experience as a dancer, the group puts on stage events and develops systems that enable new kinds of live performance. He was responsible for choreographing the lighting for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games opening ceremony. At Ars Electronica 2010, Fujimoto presented Lighting Choreographer, which expands the expressive capability of the human body through lights. He held the solo exhibition MOVIN’ in 2021, where he presented the giant installation Humanized Light, which measures seven meters and adapts human augmentation to a space.Last Updated: 2023.08



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