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Ebisawa Miyuki

Lawyer, fashion designerCity

After graduating with a law degree from Keio University in 1998, Ebisawa Miyuki joined the Ministry of Home Affairs (today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). She subsequently joined the publisher Takarajimasha in 1999 and was an editor for the magazine SPRiNG. In 2003, Ebisawa moved to Britain and trained under the stylist Marko Matysik. She returned to Japan in 2004 and served as fashion editor for such titles as Marie Claire, GINZA, and Harper’s Bazaar, and then as contributing editor for ELLE JAPON. She left in 2011 with the aim of retraining as a lawyer. In 2016, she completed her training at the Supreme Court’s Legal Training and Research Institute, and became a certified attorney at law in 2017. Ebisawa currently works at Mimura Komatsu Law Firm.Last Updated: 2024.04