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Alexia Achilleos

Finnish-Cypriot artist, researcherCity キプロス

Achilles is a Finnish-Cypriot artist and researcher based in Cyprus. Alexia is interested in the power dynamics that impact history, geopolitics and technology, with a focus on the Eastern Mediterranean region. Working with a variety of media, her work re-interprets dominant narratives and questions biases found within history and society, but also within AI technology itself, through a decolonial and intersectional lens. Her work has been presented at institutions and conferences such as Ars Electronica festival, NeMe Arts Centre, Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), NeurIPS, and World Intellectual Property Organization. Alexia is a PhD Fellow at CYENS Centre of Excellence, undertaking artistic research on colonialism and AI, as well as a Research Associate at the Media Art & Design Research Lab (MADLab) at Cyprus University of Technology.Last Updated: 2024.05